Providing industry leading commercial asphalt services.

We replace old, outdated, or severely damaged asphalt or pavement, maintain pavement and asphalt the right way to extend its life and use, and provide all asphalt services under one contractor (line striping, basins, repairs, & more). APTNJ tackles all sorts of commercial asphalt projects, whether a small parking lot project or a multi-highway paving job. For results you can count on, entrust your commercial project to a company with experience, dedication, and a reputation for being the best.

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Asphalt Paving

We have been a trusted leader in the New Jersey commercial asphalt maintenance industry since 1986.

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Line Striping

Line striping can help maximize space and ensure markings are clear for safety and good traffic flow.

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Porous Asphalt

Porous asphalt is a storm water management system that allows water to filter into drainage systems.

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Concrete Curbs & Catch Basins

Protect your asphalt investment with drainage in the form of concrete curbs and catch basins.

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Asphalt Crack repair & Seal Coating

The most important reason to maintain and repair cracks is to prevent moisture damage.

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Paving Fabric Overlay

If the original base is still solid and stable, you can add an overlay of asphalt to extend asphalt life.

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Paving Replacement

With the right maintenance routine throughout its life cycle, well installed asphalt can last 20+ years.

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Snow Removal

We get rid of snow, slush, and ice quickly to ensure roads and driveways are clear and safe for travel.

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