Asphalt Paving

We understand that finding a trustworthy, efficient, and competent asphalt contractor is extremely important to a business. That’s why Advanced Pavement Technologies has been a trusted leader in the asphalt maintenance industry since 1986.

Advanced Pavement Technologies provides exceptional quality asphalt paving services that, with proper treatment, can last for decades.


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Tell us about your commercial asphalt paving project and we will provide you with an affordable rate for excellent service.


Asphalt Paving

We have the expertise to assess and carryout pavement repairs, overlays, and total asphalt replacements.


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Our decades of experience and team of trained professionals ensure performance consistency and quality assurance.



APT has been providing Asphalt Installations & Maintenance Since 1986, and you can count on us for exceptional service.

Advanced Pavement Technologies has been paving the way for success since 1986. We’ve resurfaced, repaved, and replaced literally thousands of asphalt driveways in the greater New Jersey area and the surrounding communities.

Professionally installed and maintained asphalt driveways will last 20 to 30 years or more and ensures safe travel and use. Ideally, an asphalt paving project should be a once or twice in a lifetime event. Unlike concrete, asphalt can adjust to subbase expansion and contraction due to soil freezing and thawing, and it provides a quieter, more durable surface that other paving materials. If you’re ready to see the difference that Advanced Pavement Technologies workmanship can do, contact us to help you repair, replace, or enhance your pavement or asphalt.