Concrete Curbs & Catch Basins

Protect your asphalt investment with improved drainage in the form of concrete curbs and catch basins. Along with sunlight, standing water is the enemy of asphalt because it saturates and undermines the surface. This leads to deterioration and shifting of the base, which can cause surface cracks.


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Curbs & Basins

We have the expertise to assess and carryout pavement repairs, overlays, and install concrete curbs and catch basins.


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In addition to providing updated asphalt and pavement, APTNJ offers concrete curbs and catch basins for stormwater management. These items protect your asphalt investment by diverting water that would otherwise collect on the road and seep into or underneath the pavement and cause damage.

Precast concrete curb inlets and catch basins collect surface-level stormwater runoff and divert the water and debris to underground wastewater sewer infrastructure. Precast catch basins can be manufactured in a variety of sizes to meet state and local standards and customized for any project.


Catch Basins

Catch basins are generally used in open ditches, paved areas, driveways and where surface water needs to be collected and then directed to the main-line storm sewer.

The structure comes in a variety of sizes with a “thin wall” knockout located in each of the four (4) walls and can meet the needs for offsite and area drainage.

Concrete Curbs

There are two basic types of curb inlets:

  • The face of the curb inlet is flush with the curb while the structure is located behind the curb line.
  • The face of the curb is flush with the curb while the structure extends into the pavement with either grates and/or plates to collect the waters found in the gutter.